About Us


Innovative and talented individuals held together by a common vision.

Push the architectural boundaries worldwide, with an awareness of the past, and design for a better life – today, tomorrow, and beyond.


Vision & Mission

Design with a desire for a greater good.

Our approach is with the complete awareness of its consequences. In other words, how we can make a positive difference in the world.

Design with a purpose in our minds.

People is the heart of everything we do. We know that design has the power to provide comfort, inspire happiness in life, and strengthen the spirit of users.

Design places with meaning

Every place and individual have their own story to tell. Therefore, as we design, we make sure to reflect it. Our architectural projects enliven neighborhoods, reflect society’s values, provide comfort to the citizenry, and help the ecosystem to flourish.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to drive innovation. As a firm, we encourage diversity, in terms of creating a team of different academic backgrounds and nationalities. Different perspectives from such a diverse team will provide a canvas of new creative ideas. And despite that, inclusion we will allow us to move beyond any discrimination or any socially constructed barriers. Towards a united, not-judgmental society.

Sustainability Commitment

We envision designing a world that supports the whole ecosystem. Indeed, we see architecture as designing for life. Each site is unique and we strive to make the most out of sustainable practices. Because we understand that individuals and our environment health are interconnected and that buildings can have a huge impact on both. We always design high-performance buildings and with optimal environmental quality principles. This includes, but not limited to, building orientation and materials, natural light consideration, and heating/cooling systems.

Sustainability, ensuring the future of lie on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all. – Paul Hawken.

Social responsibility program

At M+N Mita & Associates, we are driven by a purpose bigger than ourselves. More specifically, to contribute to our communities in more meaningful ways. We are looking forward to our social responsibility program that we will provide pro bono professional services to individuals and organizations whom such services would otherwise be out of reach.