Civil Engineering


M+N Mita & Associates Civil engineering 

Structural Design

For an idea, shape, building or design to take root, it must have a functional design. Creating a structural design in this time of change requires skills sets and future-thinking. Technological advancements and new construction methods. Business thinking and sustainability commitment. Country’s design codes, policy and follow the architecture design. And indeed, with an eye on the latest updates on civil engineering, our office is fully aware of the new developments and the new way of operating. Throughout the vast completed projects, our civil engineers turn this knowledge into tangible designs. Tangible designs that move our project forward from architecture design through to design implementation. And each time, with the same high standards of safety and business practices and always exceeding our clients’ expectations.

The pioneering attitude displayed by our founders has set the tone for the last 18 years. Both our founders, Maria and Niki Mita, have an academic background in civil engineering and they initially started as civil engineers. Today M+N Mita & Associates is well established in the construction industry providing one of the best civil, structural, and project management services in Cyprus. We set the highest ethical standards and behave in ways that earn us the trust of our clients. But also, the respect of our construction partners.

Turn exciting ideas into tangible reality.

Making architecture without limits

Throughout the years, we helped our clients solve their most complex challenges. Our civil engineers were able to turn exciting architecture design into a tangible reality by finding the best way possible. The best way to reduce cost and create buildings that is efficient and effective.

New construction methods

Technology moves fast

Due to the rapid developments in technology, new techniques, and innovative solutions are necessary. It’s our civil engineers’ responsibility to ensure our architecture designs are flexible enough whatever the future may bring. The office is experienced with range of materials such as reinforced concrete, steelwork and bubble slab system cobiax. Finally, the in-house facilities of our office allow the use of state-of-the-art, advanced numerical techniques for the solution of any civil engineering issue that you may have encountered.