Architect Cyprus


M+N Mita & Associates Architecture 

One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time is like life starting all over again. Every architectural project is unique, driven by the very nature of the context.


Architecture Design

Our Architecture is more than working out to fill a specific site. Each of our Cyprus architect goes deeper than traditional briefs. With a common mission: to create a meaningful environment and uplifting spaces. Places that are effective and efficient at the same time. At our office, we investigate the site on physical, historic, economic, and social levels to create places that could give birth to form and function.

Technology moves fast, but we design along with it.

Cultural changes and technological developments have changed dramatically our life routine. Thereby, that makes our responsibility to ensure our architecture designs are resilient to any future challenges. Our architects and civil engineers are well informed about new technologies and construction materials. Throughout the whole process, ongoing meetings are maintained with clients, to help them make the most informed decision possible. Therefore, this ensures that our architectural design fully satisfies our clients’ needs.

Good architecture design is sustainable design.

Further, to reduce the impact on the environment, we always design with optimal environmental quality principles. We promote construction methods and the use of innovative materials that require fewer resources to create more space. Finally, we apply the use of simple environmental design elements to reduce the energy consumption of a place. For instance, this includes natural light consideration, building orientation and materials, and heating/cooling systems.

It’s in our DNA to challenge the architectural boundaries.

Envision tomorrow

At M+N Mita & Associates, we always try to counter the status quo to produce a future-thinking approach to our architecture designs. An experimental approach with a continuing conversation. An exploration of the multiple definitions of space and finding a new lens. Today, every Cyprus architect in our office is shaping the future of Cyprus across several industries and disciplines. This includes residential, hospitality and leisure, public buildings, hotels, civic, and mixed-use. And always design beyond what’s expected.


Our working phases 

Initial consultation & Planning stage

Together with our clients, we define the purpose and develop a concept design idea. Our architects help the client identify the potential of the site. This includes its’ opportunities, cost-saving, and the approximate budget needed.

Design development

During this interactive phase, our architects have ongoing meetings with the client to produce the final architecture design. 3D architectural visualization is used throughout this phase to help the clients understand and get a realistic picture of the proposed architectural design. This includes both, photos and videos. Thereby, that will help any client to do any necessary changes that he/she wants.

Technical & Structural design

Technical and structural design is providing to our architectural designs that are functionally effective and efficient. Our civil engineers will help the client to select the best materials and to ensure a high-quality performance building.

Construction phase

Our office serves as agents of the client during construction. This to make sure the construction manager is following faithfully to the architectural and structural designs. Of course, our Cyprus architect or civil engineer will provide any other documents to address issues brought during the construction phase.